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Baggage Claim Boutique was started because most of the younger women of that time used to go through severe pain in their neck and shoulder. Later, it was discovered that the reason behind it was the heavyweight of their bags. Women were increasingly stacking more gadgets like iPods, cell phones, and digital cameras, resulting in a desire for larger handbags and totes. As a result, it’s no wonder that an increasing number of women were experiencing neck and back pain. Doctors started suggesting women not copy their style icons as it was proving fatal to them.¬†

Therefore, Baggage Claim Boutique was started with an aim to provide those women with the latest, premium quality light-weighted handbags. They hired a team of industry experts and started manufacturing and selling a wide range of small, elegant, and feathery handbags.

Women and girls liked our beautifully designed  bags so much that we had to start it as a business and see today we are proud to describe ourself as a top-notch handbags sellers. It has all been possible because our customers believed in us and stayed loyal to us. We want to say a special thanks to our customers. Baggage Claim Boutique promises its customers to continue to deliver the best handbags in the industry for the present and future generations and use our business to inspire big to think big and achieve big.

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