10 Unique Ways To Take Care of Your Designer Handbags

Who doesn’t like their designer handbags, especially when you spend a fortune on those luxury bags? Definitely, you would expect those expensive handbags to last years to come. However, sometimes your investment doesn’t stand the lifespan of your purchase. Granted, the huge price tag assures the level of quality but carrying on a regular basis is certainly subject to its fair share of wear and tear. Thankfully, you can take care of your pricey designer handbags with valuable tips to increase the durability of your impressive favorite bag for their longevity. If you want a complete return on investment on the bags from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, and other designer bags, follow these ways to maintain your luxury bags. 

How To Take Care Of Designer Bags?

Firstly, you need to understand that different designer handbags have different types of material like leather, and canvas, so they react differently to certain elements. For instance, Louis Vuitton and a few other designer handbags can stand better in a sudden rainstorm. Additionally, Louis Vuitton Neverfull Damier Ebene is known for fairly water-resistant canvas; however, you wish to keep away from getting the leather straps wet. 

No matter what you do, we can’t control the accidents and unplanned weather conditions. Here are the ten tips to secure your luxurious designer handbags to last longer. 

Protect Designer Bags from Moisture

It should always be your priority to save your designer handbags from rain or moisture. Sometimes they can encounter rain or storm but ensure not to make this a habit. Possibly, you can be living in a damp climate like Seattle or Miami, so you need to invest in a purse poncho. Purse Poncho is the raincoat for the bags to guard against the unsuspected shower. 

Cold weather is equally not suitable for your designer bags due to dampness. Needless to say that you have to make conscious efforts to protect your bags. Besides, always check the forecast before you step out of the home, and if there are chances of heavy rain and snow, prefer to carry a less vulnerable bag. Make a note that Vachetta Leather is not suitable for rainy weather. 

Store Properly Your Designer Handbags 

We admire looking at our beautiful accessories, and that’s how we cherish them. But you have to hide your beautiful possessions. If you want to utilize these precious bags for a long duration, you have to store them in cool and dry places around 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Preferable, you can store your luxurious designer bags in dust bags to sustain their quality. 

You can maintain the quality of your designer handbags by storing them away from the cold areas like attics or garages, as these can quickly destroy bags due to moisture. Plus, be mindful about avoiding direct sunlight besides, don’t leave your stylish handbag in the car or trunk. Undoubtedly, discoloration or leather melting can be an issue you need to bother about without following the instructions. Thus, let your bags sleep in your house. 

Be aware of the straps and structure of your designer handbags. Certainly, bags can be irreversible damage if not allowed to breathe. Also, never put down heavy items on your bags as this can cause cracks or creases, and your elegant bag will quickly lose its worth. 

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Tackle Stains Immediately

It is a known fact that it is easier to clean the stain immediately before it dries. Hence, the longer you wait, the worse the stain gets. So to ease your extra labor of cleaning, carry an extra baby wipe in your purse to instantly clean the strain. However, designer handbags from different branded companies have different materials that they are using to make the product, like leathers, canvases, and other surfaces. One thing may be workable for one brand but not for others. 

It is suggested to keep a pack of baby wipes regardless of having a child or not. Moreover, there are other tips, such as you can tackle the pen ink stains by rubbing alcohol or baby powder to remove oil stains. 

Keep Handbags Away From Pets and Young Children

If you have pets or kids in your house, ensure you keep your designer handbags away from the hands or paws. Here, you can learn from my personal disaster story as my dog ruined my Louis Vuitton designer inspired handbags. Once they have destroyed your bag, you can’t do much but only left with regret. Thus, never leave your bags where they can easily hold your designer handbag out of curiosity; otherwise, you have to bear all the burnt. 

Switch It Up With Your Attire

Handbags are important accessories that indicate your sense of fashion. So, how you carry and handle them defines your fashion statement, i.e, you can’t take your handbags casually. You can swap between different handbags in your cupboard from time to time. Rotating your bags helps to maintain them in better condition. To conclude, switch your luxury bags according to the occasion and outfit. Besides an opportunity to use the different kinds of bags like casual bags or bright colors to match your dresses perfectly.  This way, you can also change your handbags depending on climate, season, and different attire. As a result, you can retain your most-liked handbag from the overuse to a point completely weathered. 

Handbag Organizer

You wish that your new designer handbag remains pristine. In that case, you have to equally take care of your bags’ interior with a handbag organizer. They are specially designed to protect your handbag from unexpected spillage. Other than this, a pen or makeup product open inside the bag can also cause damage. Thus, hand organizers block pen marks and accidental spills besides more pockets to store your possessions.

Use Right Products 

Today, we have numerous leather cleaning chemical products that exist in the market but always test these products how handbags react to the harsh chemicals. Clearly, every chemical cleanser doesn’t fit to clean your products. Instead of cleaning or maintaining your expensive handbags, these chemical products can deteriorate the quality.

Before using a leather chemical cleanser, read the instructions carefully and try to test the product first. It is suggested, to begin with, a very small quantity.

Handle With Care

The hardware on your handbag can be exposed to scratches that can tarnish your designer bag. Be careful how you treat your purse, this may sound obvious but handle them with care as you paid a huge amount to own a branded Louis Vuitton or Chanel handbag. It is better to avoid laying on the floor or surface and be attentive while opening the zip to prevent any damage. 

Stay away from touching your bags with greasy and wet hands, as these can imprint on the high-priced bags.  

Avoid Odors Like Smoking and Mildew 

It isn’t wise to smoke cigarettes as these are harmful to one’s health. But if you smoke near your luxurious designer handbags, they will stay with your bags as it is the hardest smell to eliminate from the bag. Thus, different odors can linger on and decrease the quality of your handbags. This also includes other odors like body odor or pets odor. On the other hand, if you consider selling your bags to websites (second-hand websites), they will not buy them or offer much less. 

We have a solution that can help you retain the quality of your bag if there is an odor. In that situation, find the odor eaters that you can buy online. You can also use baking powder and coffee to restore the bag. 

Make Repairs

When you are using designer bags often, that can cause small damages. A local sewist or leather repair shop can repair these damages easily so, visit at the first sign of wear. Don’t wait until it turns into something bigger. 

These are the ten good tips to use your designer handbags longer. If you’re still making up your mind to buy designer bags. You can buy from Baggage Claim Boutique at an affordable price. Here you can check out our latest collection: 

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