4 Handbag Blogs That Women Must Read

Handbags are a common accessory. We adore them in every way. We enjoy buying, using, shopping for, and even reading about them.

That’s correct. It’s not enough for us to sell luxury designer handbags; we want to be the authority on every style and type of handbag available. That’s why we go over the top handbag blogs on the internet daily.

These blogs cover a wide range of topics, from buying a new handbag to keeping up with the newest designer and celebrity bag news.

To assist you, we’ve put together a list of our top five favorite handbag blogs for you to peruse. 


The PurseBlog is exactly what it sounds like: a site dedicated to designer handbags and accessories news and information.

It began in early 2005 and quickly grew in popularity. It’s become one of the most reliable sources of fashion knowledge on the internet. Every month, millions of people visit the handbag blog to learn about the latest and greatest purse news, trends, and discussions. The blog is broken into a few readily digestible sections.

The first part is devoted to “Essential Brands,” which features the most recent handbag news from prominent designers. Then there’s the “Categories” section, which includes sections like “5 Under $500,” “Bag Deals,” “Beauty,” “Ask PurseBlog,” and “Purseonals.”


The Bag Snob is a fashion website that focuses on handbags. It is not scary, however, to delve into Beauty, Style, Travel, and Living. Still, there’s a special Bags section with all you could want to know about bags for handbag aficionados everywhere.

Bag Snob’s handbag blog subjects are as diverse as they are fascinating. You’ll find information about the most recent designer bags as well as general information on themes like velvet bags and bag rehabilitation.

Style blogs on topics like “Five Red Pieces You Need” and “Summer Monday Blues” complement the bag-specific blogs


BagBliss is a handbag blog that concentrates on news and subjects about luxury purses. The blog, for example, is divided into sections such as Boutiques.

Then there’s the Designers area, which has some of the industry’s biggest names. Specific purse styles, such as crossbody bags, clutches, and totes, are also covered in depth.

BagBliss isn’t hesitant to cover just about anything. BagBliss has it all, whether you want an in-depth handbag review or just a basic black handbag guide.


This blog will keep you up to date on what’s happening in Hollywood so you can keep up with the stars. Brands and Celebrities are the two main areas of the blog (Celebs Favorite Bags and The Many Bags Of).

This is a fantastic blog for anyone interested in keeping up with the newest celebrity news. For example, you’ll find blogs about what purses celebrities use in general, as well as blogs, focused on a single celebrity, such as Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian.

Whatever your passion, we’re sure there’s a handbag blog out there for you.

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