Are Louis Vuitton Accessories Better Than Chanel?

Will you believe it if I say that Louis Vuitton, the founder of the famous luxury brand, was a suitcase maker? But this is true. He primarily focused on the high-end market and was known for his exceptional designs. He was also given the noble task of creating special luggage for the wife of the French emperor, Napoleon III. Furthermore, he introduced the famous Louis Vuitton monogram to his bags which is trendy today. Over the years, the French brand has manufactured some luxurious bags, clothes, shoes, perfume, and accessories. Chanel, another famous French luxury fashion house, was founded by Coco Chanel in the first decade of the 20th century. The brand focuses on women’s ready-to-wear clothes, luxury goods, and accessories. Both Louis Vuitton and Chanel have been the two most quintessential, top-notch premium brands for several decades. 

Both French brands have marked their names in the fashion industry, but buying their goods and accessories can be quite expensive. Therefore, one needs to consider several factors before purchasing. You must be eager to know what is more expensive Chanel or Louis Vuitton? So, we have compared the splendor brands’ prices, designs, and accessibility to make your task easier. 

Cost Factor

Any buyer will agree to the fact that the price of any luxurious accessory should meet the quality, standard, and durability. In the Chanel vs Louis Vuitton battle, the former wins hands down. LV accessories are quite affordable compared to Chanel’s products. Thus, if you are looking for more cost-effective accessories, you should consider LV products. 


The Louis Vuitton accessories are known to be quite classy. They come in a wide range of colors and sizes and remain the same throughout the years with minimal to no changes. Chanel backpacks, handbags, and several other accessories offer much versatility compared to Louis Vuitton. Furthermore, if you love diversity and are open to new fashion, Chanel accessories are for you. Their timeless and classy design will always hold value, and the brand tries to play with new ideas. 


Anyone who pays a handsome amount for a luxury bag will surely want it to be special, one of a kind which is not easily available to the public. While talking about the most imitated accessories, Louis Vuitton tops the list. On the other hand, Chanel accessories come with precise stitching and are generally not easily accessible. Furthermore, their products are quite hard to replicate. 

Even after the whole Louis Vuitton and Chanel showdown, the decision has to be made at the end of the day has to be solely yours. You will have to decide your favorite design, accessory, and brand. However, the Louis Vuitton vs. Chanel face-off might have made it easier for you to pick the best. 

Now when we have discussed several things about these French brands, it is time to browse some amazing accessories on the Baggage Claim Boutique website. 

  • Chanel Gold Earrings with Studded Diamonds
  • LV Circle Stud Earrings
  • LV Casual Sunglasses Rose Gold With Gold Tone
  • Chanel 19 Hot Pink
  • LV Ebene Damier Zip Wallet
  • Chanel Black Coco Quilted Shopping Tote
  • LV Crafty Pochette Metis
  • Chanel Pink Graffiti Deauville Tote

Chanel Gold Earrings with Studded Diamonds


Every woman would love to have Chanel earrings in their collection. These golden earrings are ornamented with diamonds that enhance the overall look. Furthermore, the authentic Chanel earrings feature gold textured CC logos. If you want a simple yet sophisticated look, buy these earrings for only $20 from the website. 

LV Circle Stud Earrings


The LV circle stud earrings feature a gold-accented, crystal-studded brand’s monogram in a concentric circle. The best part about these earrings is their timeless design. Wear these alluring earrings for any formal or non-formal event to look beautiful. Furthermore, the product is one of the premium Louis Vuitton accessories on our website and is priced at only $20. 

LV Casual Sunglasses Rose Gold With Gold Tone


One should never limit their fashion sense to simply shoes and clothes. They should allow their accessories to assist them in making the correct style statement. It is one of the finest Louis Vuitton masterpieces as it features a shield design. Furthermore, it is made up of Acetate material while the hardware has gold-tone and metal. The packet includes an info booklet, lens filter catalog, and original dust bag apart from sunglasses. These sunglasses are priced at $65 on the Baggage Claim Boutique website. 

Chanel 19 Hot Pink

Chanel 19 Hot pink Long Flap Wallet

If you want to invest in a wallet that lasts quite a long, the Chanel 19 hot pink wallet is for you. Add this wallet to your collection to make it look more appealing. It is made up of bright pink oversized diamond-quilted denim. It has ample space to keep all your belongings. Furthermore, the wallet possesses a CC turn-lock on the flap, a magnetic pocket at the back, and a beautiful chain-link shoulder strap. You can buy this fascinating wallet for only $135 from the website. 

LV Ebene Damier Zip Wallet

If you are one of those women who love to carry multiple cards, this Louis Vuitton Damier Zip wallet can be a great option as it has numerous credit card slots. The wallet is made from canvas which makes it more versatile. Furthermore, the wallet has an open compartment for notes, one zip coin pocket, two inside patch pockets that can carry all your stuff quite easily. The wallet is priced at only $45 on the website. 

Chanel Black Coco Quilted Shopping Tote


This Chanel Black Coco Quilted Shopping Tote will fulfill your shopping spree without worrying about space. You can store all your essential items, be it your smartphone, books without thinking about the space. The classy bag is made from the finest leather. The best part about the bag is its shoulder strap, strengthened with a metallic chain. You can carry the bag to your office, college, parties, or other functions. You can buy it for only $170 from the Baggage Claim Boutique website. 

LV Crafty Pochette Metis


The Crafty Pochette Metis is one of our website’s fashionable Louis Vuitton bag accessories . The bag is designed with premium leather and possesses an extra-large monogram print. The braided top handle, a graffiti-inspired charm, and a detailed lock closure are some of the trendy features of the bag. Furthermore, the bag also has a removable and adjustable strap which makes it quite comfortable. The cream color of the bag makes it more enchanting. Buy this bag for only $130. 

Chanel Pink Graffiti Deauville Tote


Everyone wants something different and unique when it comes to purchasing a handbag. The graffiti makes the bag quite innovative and pleasing. The bag features popular stickers placed all around, making it look fashionable and alluring. You will also find Chanel’s logo at the front and back of the Tote handbag. Moreover, it has enough space to carry everyday stuff without getting tired. The metallic chain adds more beauty to the bag. You can buy the bag for only $200 from the website. 

Visit the Baggage Claim Boutique website to browse more trendy accessories from the house of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Christian Dior, and many more. You will find a wide variety of products such as handbags, backpacks, hats, earrings, belts, wallets made with the best materials and fabrics. Also, if you have any queries regarding any of our products, feel free to contact us.

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