Ideal Backpack-Louis Vuitton Palm Springs PM Or 2020 Montsouris PM

Are you a fashionista who is tired of searching for backpacks that also have chic looks to match your style? Louis Vuitton offers a great selection of bags that are suitable for any attire or to carry comfortably as a globe-trotting bag. These backpacks will match your dress whether you are carrying a casual look or a stroll through town.  Both designer bags, Palm Springs PM and Montsouris PM backpacks, have cool features to give elegant looks. However, you still have any doubts about which would be better for you. Here, we compare two great Louis Vuitton Palm Springs PM and Montsouris PM designer bags. 

Similarities between the bags

The two, Palm Springs PM and 2020 Montsouris Louis Vuitton have some resemblance that sometimes confuses you when you have to make a choice between them. They share similarities like the same cost and storage space; besides, both backpacks can function as a daily purse or a diaper bag. Noteworthy, women feel like bags are equally comfortable when it comes to travelling. 

Louis Vuitton Palm Springs PM has the upper hand because while carrying no need to be cautions about breaking the bottom of the bag or leather cracking. You don’t have to worry about whether you are using a plane or a rental car as both are fairly comfortable and safer. Additionally, each bag will organise your health, beauty, or small products that you require on your trips. Another advantage of buying backpacks is that they are also suitable for the weekend getaway.

Big differences between the bags

We have discussed the similarities between the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs PM backpack and Louis Vuitton Montsouris Backpack PM. Nonetheless, they are poles apart. Let’s compare how both bags are different from each other. 


The Palm Springs PM is of higher quality for those women who adore travelling a lot and are always on the go due to its dark leather. It can easily sustain all weather conditions especially, rain or snow. The Montsouris backpack leather isn’t durable, so less prefer it when there is any possibility of snow/rain. Still, you can pick the Montsouris black leather bags to suit the rainy weather. Black leather will be advisable as an all-weather bag, just like Palm Springs PM. 


Shopaholics count on the comfort of the LV Palm Springs because of the padded shoulder straps. These are beneficial as straps don’t slip when you are carrying them, and no discomfort on your shoulders or back to carry bags for long hours. After considering the comfort of Palm Springs, Montsouris straps are a little thinner and lack padding; thus, they slide. 

Pocket space

This is another big dissimilarity at the PM pocket space. No doubts, both backpacks have added a pocket to the front. However, Palm Springs LV bags hold extra space than the Montsouris does. You have observed when you unzip the pocket. It bows out a little to provide more storage space. Hence, consider safe health and beauty products. On the contrary, LV Montsouris backpacks are flatter and smaller. 

Now you are fully aware of the pros and cons of each bag. So think based on your demands which you will prefer to use. They might be identical in size. The palm springs PM offers a full zipper across the top makes it easier to find things in a hurry. In addition to this, the zipper also secures the bag.  

This doesn’t mean that  Louis Vuitton Montsouris pm bags aren’t any better. It is easy to enter inside the pocket due to the leather piece on the front with a metal magnetic closure which Palm springs lack. However, opening the buckle and getting inside the bag takes a few seconds. Moreover, the bag is slightly open; consequently, it can drop things. You need to keep it tightly cinched to avoid any problems for a safer side. 

To put it in simple words, to figure out which is better might come down to how you can style the bag. The Palm Springs PM’s simple design is idyllic for daily wear. You can pair it seamlessly with leggings or jeans. On the other side, Montsouris looks cool with luxurious clothing as presented with upscale design.

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Features of Backpacks

We are sharing the best features of Louis Vuitton Palm Springs PM vs 2020 Montsouris PM so that you can make an informed decision.

Louis Vuitton Palm Springs PM Features

  • 7-inches by 11.4-inches by 3.9-inches
  • Coated canvas with the LV monogram
  • Foam-backed leather cowhide trim
  • Gold hardware
  • Adjustable leather straps for backpack use
  • Comfortable fit
  • Scarf strap
  • Large exterior zippered pocket
  • Interior flat pocket
  • Zippered closure

Louis Vuitton 2020 Montsouris PM Features

  • 8-inches by 12-inches by 5.5-inches
  • Coated canvas with the LV monogram
  • Trim made from cowhide leather.
  • Gold hardware
  • Shoulder and back carry options.
  • Two adjustable straps made from cowhide leather
  • Leather drawstrings on the front with a metal buckle closure
  • Interior open pocket
  • Exterior zippered pocket
  • Single handle

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