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In every woman’s life, a special moment comes when she starts thinking about purchasing a designer handbag. Buying a Louis Vuitton bag is a tough decision, no matter whether you purchase it for yourself or a friend. It’s that serious not only because these haute couture pieces are incredibly pricey, but because you have to be absolutely sure you know how to wear them correctly and what to combine them with.

History Bites

Louis Vuitton was a French fashion artist who rose to prominence in 19th century Paris as a maker of travel bags. He became successful after inventing a rectangular case that allowed for more convenient storage and transit by stacking more minor cases on top of each other. It was a game-changing invention because Louis Vuitton bags at the time only had rounded tops.

Louis Vuitton bags were made of high-quality materials and were waterproof. He also created unique pick-resistant locks to keep his customers’ goods safe while they were traveling.

Louis was afterward engaged as a personal box-maker and packer for Empress Consort of Eugenie de Montijo, Napoleon III’s wife. This allowed him to work with the royal family and other aristocratic and high-society clientele, ensuring that he had a business for the remainder of his life.

Louis Vuitton died in 1892 at the age of 70. He was taken over by the designer’s son, Georges, after his death.

Present Day

Louis Vuitton is now one of the most well-known high-fashion labels of our generation. Thanks to the LV bags logo and distinctive classical brown-pallet colors, the bags, trunks, and other gorgeous leather products became famous; they have become precious objects that many fashionistas desire. Like Gucci, Dior, Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton is a top luxury fashion house whose things can quickly become an incomparable addition to your incredible collection.

Of course, the brand’s colors aren’t restricted to brown and beige; there are various styles and color schemes to compliment any outfit. In this piece, we’ll concentrate on LV handbags in terms of colors and silhouettes.

What Louis Vuitton Bag Should I Buy First?

There are essential things you should do in order to answer this crucial question. Consider why you require a Louis Vuitton bag. As I previously stated, they are available in a range of designs. If you are a student or a busy parent who wants all of your belongings to be conveniently accessible, a tote bag is a good option. If you like a more polished, composed appearance, the Speedy bags are for you.

Also, search for a handbag if you need something for a night out. Of course, clutches aren’t meant to be used every day, but if you’re a driver, a good clutch has a good chance of becoming your go-to Louis Vuitton bag. Check these bags below by Baggage Claim Boutique.

LV Damier Ebene Bumbag

LV Damier Ebene Bumbag

This uber-functional Bum Bag is made of classic Monogram canvas and is marked with a “Louis Vuitton Paris” leather patch. It converts sportswear into the definition of casual style. Use it as a belt bag, cross-body bag, or over the shoulder for a more daring style.


  • Women and girls are the only ones who can use this product.
  • Its inside is covered in canvas.
  • The outside is constructed of canvas that has been coated.
  • The length of this Bum Brooklyn bag is 21 cm, and the width is 4.5 cm.
  • It has a 36-centimeter adjustable handle drop.

LV Damier Ebene Medium Neverfull


The Neverfull MM tote combines classic style with historical elements. It’s large but not bulky, with side laces that cinch for a sleek look or loosen for a relaxed look, and it’s elegant in Damier Ebene canvas with a natural cowhide trim. Slim, comfy handles go over the shoulder or arm with ease. It has a removable pouch that can be used as a clutch or an extra pocket and is lined in colorful cloth.

LV Escale Neo Shoulder Bag

LV Escale Neo Shoulder Bag

The LV Escale Collection adds a touch of summer to the Neverfull MM tote in a Tie-Dye Monogram canvas, inspired by the traditional Japanese process of knotting and folding fabric before dyeing it. When the laces are tightened, this lv bag transforms into a smaller, attractive city bag.

LV Tan Mahina Muria

LV Tan Mahina Muria

With its perforated Monogram pattern, Louis Vuitton introduces the Bella bucket bag in Mahina calf leather. The lv bag’s compact size and the attached spherical coin purse, which features a miniature version of the perforated Monogram symbol on one side, make it current, desired, and fashionable. Versatility is provided by the stylish leather and metal mixed handle paired with a detachable leather strap.

LV Soft Trunk

The Monogram pattern is embroidered in silver Lurex on this Soft Trunk, constructed from LV Felt, a ball of superb recycled wool and organic cotton jacquard. It was first shown at the Fall-Winter 2021-22 Show, and it gives this boxy yet stylish men’s bag a more sustainable option. The bag is stitched with the LV Sustainability label.

LV Palm Spring Mini

LV Palm Spring Mini

The Palm Springs Mini gives the backpack a modern makeover, converting it from a practical need to a stylish city bag. This beautiful style is made of Monogram canvas with soft leather trim and gold-tone hardware, making it a necessary accessory for sporty urban nomads. The quilted, foam-backed straps can be worn on the shoulder or across the body in a variety of ways.

LV Speedy Damier

LV Speedy Damier

The Speedy 30 is an exquisite, small LV handbag made from geometric Damier Ebene canvas, an intelligent companion for city life. With its recognizable design, rolled leather handles, and engraved, characteristic padlock, the revised Speedy, first introduced in 1930 as the “Express” and inspired by that era’s quick transit, has been a timeless House classic ever since.

LV Monogram Terbesar Bag


With this LV  handbag, you can carry your everyday items without worrying about storage space. This bag is made by Louis Vuitton and features the brand’s distinctive Monogram leather canvas throughout. The finest leather and canvas are used to create this leather purse. You may put all of your daily necessities in it without running out of room. It closes with a drawstring, and the center is surrounded by a striped black and white leather rope, giving it a unique aesthetic. Its handles are secure and flexible, making it ideal for everyday use.

LV Pochette Trunk Vertical

LV Pochette Trunk Vertical

The Pochette Trunk Verticale is a vertical reinterpretation of the famous Essential Trunk compact purse. It’s made of Monogram canvas and black calf leather and features reinforced corners, an S-lock clasp, and a Malletage design on the interior pocket, just like vintage Louis Vuitton bags. It has an adjustable and detachable leather chain shoulder strap.

LV Neverfull Damiere White

LV Neverfull Damiere White

The Neverfull GM tote combines classic style with historical elements. It is ultra-roomy yet never bulky, with side laces that cinch for a sleek allure or loosen for a more casual style, and it is crafted from fresh Damier Azur canvas with a natural cowhide trim. Slim, comfy handles go over the shoulder or arm with ease. It has a removable pouch that can be used as a clutch or an extra pocket and is lined in colorful cloth.

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