LV Carryall vs. Keepall Bag: Which One Is Worth Buying?

It isn’t unknown that LV for decades has been making durable and classic bags. But did you know that Louis Vuitton started as a box maker, and after years the first bag that ever launched was, in fact, a Keepall Bag? LV Keepall Bags were introduced in 1930 by Gaston Vuitton as a moderate-sized bag that could carry the weekend travel essentials for people at that time.

With time people’s habits changed, and so did the purpose of this bag. Nowadays, people want to travel light, and the entire spirit of traveling has changed. People are now always on the go and need a travel bag partner who is comfortable and flexible. This Keepall Bag was the response of precisely that trend, and Gaston Vuitton did great justice to satisfy the need.

Is LV Keepall Bag unisex?

Yes, the LV Keepall travel duffle bags are, in fact, unisex and are prominent among both men and women. These Keepall travel duffle bags are excellent carry-on travel duffle bags for men and women for every trip. Therefore, it is one of the all-time favorites for many personalities worldwide.

The design of the Keepall Bag

Keepall travel duffle bags are available in four sizes that are 45, 50, 55, and 60—these numbers are used for the width per centimeter of the Keepall travel duffle bags. Keep 45, Keepall Bag 50, and Keepall Bag 55 are some of the ideal handbags on the plane. However, Keepall Bag 60, due to its measurement dimensions, is not allowed as a handbag. You can carry the LV Bags 60 bag for road trips and sleepovers.

The other distinction in the Keepall travel duffle bags is that they come with and without a Bandoulière (the classic shoulder strap). The only difference is that the travel duffle bags without Bandoulière will have a vertical strap to strengthen the bag. The Keepall travel duffle bags with Bandoulière will have a shoulder strap that you can remove anytime.

How to decide which Keepall Bag is perfect for you?

First and one of the only ways to decide on an ideal Keepall Bag for yourself is by seeing the measurements.

  • Keepall Bag 45- 45 x 27 x 20 CM
  • Keepall Bag 50- 50 x 29 x 22 CM
  • Keepall Bag 55- 55 x 31 x 24 CM
  • Keepall Bag 60- 60 x 33 x 26 CM

Apart from the size assortments, the other distinction that you can keep in mind is the color and material of the bag. The assortment variation is as follows:

  • Monogram canvas is one of the classiest Keepall Bag Pieces available, and it comes in Vachetta leather.
  • The Monogram Macassar Keepall Bag has coated leather finishing (usually black).
  • The Damier Ebene Keepall Bag has a brown-coated finish.
  • Damier Azur Keepall Bag has Vachetta leather epi leather.

Furthermore, you can choose travel duffle bags based on the kind of luggage tag it has or padlocks, for that matter.

A very durable bag

On the vintage market, you will get to see a lot of travel duffle bags dating around the 1980s and 1990s. The Louis Vuitton Keepall travel duffle bags are proven to be durable and well made. The aging will show on the Vachetta leather, which will get watermarks and patina, which is the coloration process of this unprocessed leather.

Overall, the Louis Vuitton Keepall travel duffle bags can be called very handy, but above all, a very stylish bag.

Why are there several names for a duffle bag? 

What began as one term to explain this kind of bag has now turned into different names for the same travel duffle bag.

Why so? Does a weekender travel duffle bag differ from an overnight travel duffle bag of any type? Do travel duffle bags anyhow differ from both of these bags?

The different names for the same bag came because of a few deviations from the original travel duffle bags. When you think of a duffle bag, you probably think of a cylindrical canvas bag that comes with straps.

When travel duffle bags include these elements, it is easy to identify them as travel duffle bags. However, what about when there are more accessories and different materials used?

When the design of a bag strays somehow from the original duffle style, it helps explain it in various ways.

However, the Weekender Bag is a name that has been given to defining a duffle bag that is made for use on short trips, such as weekend outings. Besides getting space (travel duffle bags also offer) for a long journey. Also, weekender bags can be considered versatile pieces of luggage bags. The exterior design not just includes handles but also comprises a shoulder strap. When flying on trips, you can keep it with you, holding it by the handles, and moving to the airport. You can also put it over your shoulder when you want your hands free to do other tasks.

Apart from these design elements, there is also lots of variety regarding the style, color, and materials. The most general materials used are leather, canvas, and polyester. These most available materials are the main charm of duffle bags and weekender bags. The inner synthetic polyester lining has an off-ground purpose as well. This synthetic lining keeps all the stuff inside the bag free from getting irritated by the rougher cotton canvas of the bag. The inner synthetic polyester also helps keep everything clean on the interior.

As the name suggests, the Overnight Bag is a bag suitable for taking with you on an overnight trip, and this means it may be a bit tinier in size compared to a weekender bag. Yet, still big enough to carry all the belongings you will need to stay the night somewhere. An overnight bag does not have just to be used for one-night reprieves. You can keep it with you when going to the gym and also suitable for office purposes. Its moderate size makes it truly practical to use for transporting your regular-use items. They can be for entertainment, business, or exercise.

LV Duffle bags make great carry-on, and travel duffle bags provide their soft exterior and can be squashed down to match according to particular airline baggage restrictions. The rugged and durable surface means it can also Withstand getting thrown around if required. These travel duffle bags are spacious enough where they always seem to have room for a few more things you may want to bring with you or bring back home. The versatile and timeless style of the duffle bag has helped cement it as a bag that is as popular as ever, for both everyday uses and for traveling on short trips. It is easy to carry, lightweight, and can take a beating.

Louis Vuitton carryall vs. Keepall Bag

When it comes to choosing one from LV carryall and Keepall travel duffle bags, it often becomes challenging. However, both the bags, Carryall and Keepall travel duffle bags, are super pretty, but you need to pick one as per your needs. Here are a few distinctions between Keepal bag and carryall:

  • Talking about the carryall travel duffle bags, they are more petite than the Keepall 45 storage capacity.
  • Prices of Keepall travel duffle bags and carryall travel duffle bags are variable.
  • Keepall bag has two outer pockets, which you are surely going to like. Possibilities are that you also will love the fact that the carryall bag is so detailed (feet, trim, construction) and is much rarer than the Keepall bag.
  • Keepall bags have a bandouliere style that is the center of attraction.
  • Overall, the carryall travel duffle bags appear much more competent due to its structure, but it doesn’t have the practical straps.
  • Keepall travel duffle bags don’t have more structures, making them more spacious than carryall travel duffle bags.

People also ask, “Is Louis Vuitton duffle bag cheap?” The answer depends on you. Yes, you read that right. If you want to purchase an LV duffle bag, you have two options: visit the LV store or visit Baggage Claim Boutique. We will provide you with the LV travel duffle bags at affordable prices.

Which LV bags we do offer

At baggage claim boutique, we include a range of LV travel duffle bags that are truly classic and provide you with the feel of supremacy. We sell LV travel duffle bags at the lowest price rates. Have a look at them:

LV Damier Ebene Travel bag

The Louis Vuitton Keepall bag has traveled alongside generations of classic globetrotters. This model, the tiniest of the line, features all the necessities for an overnight jaunt. Damier Ebene Canvas has all the essential features from easy-to-hold leather handles, a strap for crossbody wear, to a gleaming brass padlock.


LV Damier White Keepall Bag

The LV Damier White Keepall Bag is a legendary Louis Vuitton Keepall bag that shapes the will of modern travels. It is slushy, supple, and is forever ready for the journey. It is an ideal duffle bag as it can store an entire week’s wardrobe inside its practically sized and cabin-friendly interior linings. The LV Damier White Keepall Bag is created from the iconic Damier Canvas. All credit goes to its leather strap, making it easier to carry or perfectly suitable for casual cross-body wear. Its metallic pieces feature shiny gold brass to lighten the canvas, while its double handles make it super convenient for carrying.


LV Monogram Black Keepall Bag

The LV Monogram Black Keepall Bag falls under the category of one of the most loved Louis Vuitton Keepall bags – the Duffle Bag. It includes the classic black and grey Logo Eclipse canvas. It is lightweight, soft, and is always travel-ready. This Keepall bag is a suitable travel bag as it can store a week’s wardrobe inside its generously sized and cabin-friendly inner surface. The LV Monogram Black Keepall Bag has natural cowhide leather trimmings with a classic black coated canvas and cotton textile inner linings. It includes silver brass pieces and two zip closures for extra protection. It is cabin-sized, which makes it easy to carry for traveling. Its detachable and adjustable straps can be used per your needs, whereas its double handles are great for carrying.


LV Monogram Camel Keepall Bag

The LV Monogram Camel Keepall Bag is one of the most preferred Louis Vuitton travel duffle bags – the Keepall Bag. It has a spacious interior and adjustable and detachable strap for easy throwing on the shoulder. The LV Monogram Camel Keepall Bag is an ideal bag for office, vacation, or travel. This bag comes with a coated canvas, natural cowhide leather corners, and cotton textile lining for an aesthetic interior. It includes silver metal pieces and two zip closures for additional protection. It is cabin-sized, so you can use it for traveling. Its adjustable and detachable straps can be used according to your requirement, while its double handles are great for carrying.


Prices of LV duffle bags

Refer to the prices listed below:

  • Price of LV Monogram Black Keepall Bag: $250.00
  • Price of LV Monogram Camel Keepall Bag: $250.00
  • Price of LV Damier White Keepall Bag: $250.00
  • Price of Damier Ebene Travel bag: $250.

Did you find the comparison interesting? If you did and now wish to buy the best duffle bags at an affordable price, go look at them and buy them at an affordable price with Baggage claim boutique.

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