MCM Handbags on Sale: Reasons to Buy MCM Handbags

When buying branded handbags for women, several names come to mind, including Coco Chanel, MCM, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and so on. We keep looking for the label’s handbags that perfectly match our requirements and easily coordinate with our personalities. Now, when we are talking about buying a handbag that can go with your requirements, MCM is a brand that has the potential to fulfill all your needs. You can find a range of products like leather handbags for women, small handbags for women. Unlike Gucci handbags for women, MCM cognac bags have more durability; and quality in the handbags, which is why MCM Cognac bags are the best handbags for women.

A brief about MCM

MCM is a global leader in leather luxury stuff brand founded in 1976 as the initialism of “Michael Cromer Munich”. The MCM’s signature logo-printed product, called Cognac Visetos, appears on lots of its products. All its iconic collection bags and most products have brass plate insignia. A unique identification number recognizes each brass plate at the bottom. The brand sells its items using franchises, wholesale accounts, and directly operated stores. Later, Sungjoo Group of Korea bought the label in 2005.

The MCM brand originally became popular in the 1980s for ostentatious and flashy products. At the height of its popularity in 1993, the brand owned 250 branches globally and recorded sales of $250 million.

MCM products on sale!

At Baggage Claim Boutique, we have an extensive range of products that can help you to add value to your looks. There are a lot of branded products available on our website, but the MCM Cognac bags are our main center of attraction. We have three MCM handbags on sale that are surely going to pull your attention. Have a look at them:

MCM cognac visetos crossbody bags

When we talk about the crossbody bags, Baggage Claim Boutique has you covered. Designed using materials like leather and showcasing a pared-back aesthetic, MCM’s collection of crossbody bags is just perfect for pairing with an entire host of outfits. The functionality, supreme quality materials, and fine details are cornerstones of MCM’s line. The brand’s designs come in a variety of colors and textures, as well. By spending time taking care of your leather, you’ll make sure your product remains in pristine condition for several years to come. It’s comparatively easy to keep your MCM Cognac bags looking aesthetic for several years.

We, Baggage Claim Boutique, recommend wiping it off with a clean, soft, dry cloth or using a specific leather cleaner. However, you should always test on a little inconspicuous area on the bag to ensure it doesn’t cause discoloration. A saddle or mild soap can then be utilized alongside a damp cloth based on the leather finishing. Rub it gently into the surface prior to wiping away any excess to maintain and prolong the quality of the leather handbag. Treat frequently with an excellent quality wax polish. Prevent your MCM cognac bags from direct contact with the sunlight and heat. Pick from a large variety of styles in our selection. Baggage Claim Boutique has something for everybody.

The MCM Cognac bags are designed from the company’s signature Visetos. MCM cognac visetos crossbody bag includes a bill sleeve, twelve card slots, and a zipped coin pocket to store the loose changes. The MCM cognac bag also features an engraved Laurel Lock closure for a touch of glamour and security. The MCM Cognac bag (Viestos crossbody bag) comprises a leather strap and removable chain that can be used to carry the bag over your shoulder or stow it as a compact purse. You can also remove the chain to use it as a handy purse. The coin pocket is in the middle of the MCM Cognac bag, making it convenient to access, whereas its gold-toned hardware coordinates with the overall bag.


The MCM cognac visetos drawString bucket bag

The MCM Cognac Visetos Drawstring Bucket Bag is made from Visetos coated canvas, and its corners are framed by French leather. This tiny and cute bucket bag comprises a lush cotton twill interior protected by a magnetic snap lock. Bucket Bags’ leather drawstrings can be tied and tightened as per the requirement for extra security.

The MCM cognac bag includes a non-removable shoulder strap, plus a Nappa leather trim for a perfect finish. Its inner open pocket and zipped pocket can be used to keep things, while its security metal feet offer safety from the bottom. In particular, the bag’s antique gold-plated model makes it appear and feel supreme.


The MCM mini Boston

The MCM Mini Boston for Little Girl Cognac is created with Nappa leather. This small handbags for women collection is an ideal cosmopolitan companion for females. Mini Boston bag features criss-cross Nappa leather lines on the iconic Visetos logo-coated canvas. It has a removable and adjustable chain strap that can be used or removed according to unconstrained mobility. Its interior segment includes sustainable cotton, which adds an appealing look to the bag, future-oriented space for your essentials. The label’s Mini Boston for Little Girl Cognac features leather top handles that make it easy to carry, while its two-sided zip closure provides a great way to close or open this small handbag for women. Furthermore, it comprises an open slip pocket inside that you can utilize to store your essential things and items.



If you are looking for bags from top brands, but the prices are scaring you a lot, then you must visit the Baggage Claim Boutique website. We believe in catering the best at affordable prices and making you feel prominent. From Baggage Claim Boutique, you can buy all the top brand bags like MCM cognac bags, LV bags, and so on, within your budget. They have a range of products that will surely make you feel supreme. Make yourself the most stylish and fashion-ready with the topmost brands. Buying MCM cognac bags from Baggage Claim Boutique would be a steal deal that can’t be found anywhere else.

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