Ten Ways to Wear a Bucket Hat Ideally

Bucket hats may appear to be a throwback, but they’re still a trendy and stylish accessory to add to your look. There are plenty of stylish variations to try, ranging from casual attire to nostalgic looks.

The bucket hat has been a standard accessory for men’s wardrobes for decades. With modest beginnings in the 1940s, this iconic item grew in popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, as the popularity of streetwear grew. They’re still as fashionable as ever, and you may wear them at any time of year. Here are the most excellent bucket hats and how to style them to perfection, whether they’re worn with a suit or sweats.

What is a bucket hat?

A bucket hat first appeared in the early twentieth century in Ireland, where fishers and farmers essentially used it to protect themselves from the rain. Skate and hip-hop subcultures helped them break into mainstream fashion in the 1980s and 1990s, and they are currently a favorite choice among fashionistas. With a wide, downward-slanting brim and a flat crown, the hat has a distinct style. You can get them with lower sides, and the brim can be flipped for better sight, thanks to the flexible fabric structure. This accessory style is simple to fold, so you can slip it into your pocket and go.

Experiment with muted and neutral-toned colors.

A bucket hat can be worn with or without a bright, eye-catching dress. Bucket hats aren’t just for bold parkas and throwback tracksuits, contrary to common opinion. Instead, opt for muted-colored casual streetwear as the foundation of your ensemble. Another excellent method to put together a discreet but attractive look with your bucket hat is to choose neutral-toned clothing.

  • Knitwear in the summer and classic T-shirts are fantastic accents to a streetwear ensemble.
  • A black bucket hat would look great with a grey suit.

Go for a monochromatic look.

Make sure your bucket hat goes with the rest of your ensemble. Choose a jumpsuit, a blouse, and a good pair of pants, or an oversized jacket that are all in the same color family. Choose a bucket hat that complements the rest of your outfit’s color scheme to create a unified, elegant look.

  • Wear an oversized solid-colored jacket with a bucket hat that matches.
  • A great pair of jeans could be paired with a matching shirt and a bucket hat.

Wear a bright/ textured hat to make it stand out.

Textures help to give your clothing more depth. Match a textured shirt or vest with a fuzzy or textured bucket hat. Wearing different textures at once is a great way to make your outfit more eye-catching and dynamic. You can even go for a bucket hat in an entirely different color from the rest of your ensemble. A vividly colored bucket hat draws the eye upward and provides an excellent, fashionable division throughout your ensemble.

  • You could, for example, pair a fluffy bucket hat with a crocheted vest.
  • With a different-colored jacket and shorts, you may wear a brilliantly colored bucket hat.

Top off a breezy springtime outfit with a bucket hat.

Put on a great pair of shorts and a button-down blouse or tee. You can button your shirt all the way up or leave a few buttons undone for a more casual look. Finish off your look with a solid-colored bucket hat to tie everything together.

  • For example, a bright, solid-colored bucket hat could be worn with a neutral-toned button-down and neutral-toned shorts.

Wear a tank top with shorts with a bucket hat during summer.

Bucket hats are a terrific way to remain calm in the summer. Choose a comfortable tank top and a stylish pair of workout shorts. Put on a bucket hat that matches the general color scheme of your clothing as a final touch.

  • For example, if you’re wearing a dark, neutral-toned tank top and shorts, a dark, neutral-toned bucket hat would be appropriate.
  • Tennis shoes and ankle-length socks look excellent with this outfit.

Pair a bucket hat with a cardigan in the fall.

Bucket hats are an excellent alternative for transitional weather. These hats are suitable for all weather conditions, including those days when it’s too hot for a thick coat yet too cool to go without a jacket. Wear a long thigh-length cardigan with leggings or thin jeans and knee-high boots. Put on a bucket hat as a finishing touch before venturing outside.

  • For this type of attire, neutral tones are ideal.
  • Match your cardigan and bucket cap to take your look to the next level.

Keep warm with long pants, sweaters, and a bucket hat.

A bucket hat is a fashionable take on the classic winter hat. Put on a sweater and a pair of long leggings to keep warm. On top of that, add a thick, warm coat and a bucket hat to complete the look.

  • For example, you may combine a sweater with long jeans and a thick jacket over the top.
  • For a fashionable cold-weather outfit, pair a bucket hat with trousers, a sweater, and a long overcoat.

Create an edgy look.

If you want to dress down, bucket hats are a terrific option. Choose a leather jacket and your favorite ripped jeans, as well as a comfortable top. As a finishing touch, add a bucket hat to your ensemble!

  • You wear ripped blue jeans with a slick black jacket, a multicolored top, and a solid-colored bucket hat.

Stay casual in a primarily black outfit.

For your attire, choose a black shirt, jacket, and pair of trousers. It’s OK if your jacket includes color accents, but try to get something that’s predominantly black. Combine this jacket with a dark top and a pair of black jeans for a stylish look. Finish the appearance with a bucket hat and a pair of comfortable sneakers!

  • A black windbreaker, for example, might be worn with a black shirt and a pair of black damaged jeans. A pair of neutral-toned tennis shoes and a neutral-toned bucket hat would complete the ensemble.

Embrace the 90s with a nostalgic look.

Let’s go back to the beginning of the bucket hat’s popularity. Start with a 90s-inspired top, such as a graphic tee or a shirt knotted around the waist. You can showcase a fashion statement with a pair of pants (wide-leg) and a pair of sneakers or platforms. Finish the look with a bucket hat for a look straight out of 1995.

  • A 90s-inspired ensemble should include mirror sunglasses and fuzzy sandals.
  • Bodysuits and asymmetrical jean skirts are also great 90s nods.

Where to Buy Bucket Hats?

Bucket hats are readily available in a variety of styles to suit your own taste. Here are a few of our favorites. Check them out today and buy them as soon as possible.

Gucci Bucket Hat


The Gucci Bucket Hat comes in a traditional and classic beige color scheme with Gucci designs. It’s made of tonal monogram canvas, with textured leather trims emphasizing the bucket hat’s shape. The Double G—an archival reinterpretation of Gucci’s iconic emblem—finishes the Gucci Bucket Hat and its elegance.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Material content: 68 percent polyester, 16 percent cotton, and 16 percent polyamide
  • lining: 100 percent cotton, outer: 100 percent polyamide
  • Care: Cleaning is not recommended.
  • Produced in Italy
  • Beige brown is a designer color.

LV Monogram Bucket Hat


The LV Escale Monogram Bucket hat is a young accessory with a House touch, thanks to its contemporary design and all-over Monogram print. The famous pattern is printed all over, even on the ornamental canvas strap, utilizing an inkjet printing process. For the Spring-Summer 2020 season, this summer-worthy piece is a must-have.

Detailed Specifications:

  • S: 56 cm/22.8 inches; M: 58 cm/22.8 inches
  • 97 percent cotton, 3% elastane in blue
  • Dry clean only, all-over monogram pattern

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