Which Christian Dior Customized Bag is the Best?

Trends in handbags come and go, but buying a designer handbag is always a good idea. Sure, they’re expensive, but their outstanding craftsmanship and quality ensure that they will last for years, if not decades. When it comes to Christian Dior bags, they are ageless, and these bags are still sturdy and stylish even after 75 years. The company has been known for its sophisticated silhouettes since its inception. 

They have turned dressing into an art form. This dedication to quality extends beyond bespoke garments to the brand’s extensive bag collection, including the iconic Lady Dior Bag and everyone’s favorite Christian Dior Saddle Bag. Furthermore, unlike any micro-small bag or cloud clutch, Dior’s traditional designs outlive any trendy seasonal bag trend, giving you a lot more bang for your budget. 

You must be wondering which Christian Dior bag is the best? Is it the Christian Dior Book Tote bag or Lady D-Lite, or the Saddle one? Before choosing the best, you must know that the company manufactures several other variants as well. Let us find more about them. 

Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag

The Lady bag, arguably one of the most popular Dior bags ever, was introduced in 1995. Still, it wasn’t given its name until Princess Diana used it in Paris later that year, catapulting it to iconic status. It’s distinguished by its characteristic Cannage topstitching, Dior charms, and structured, boxy form. It comes in various sizes (from large to micro) and hues, ensuring that there’s a look for everyone.

Christian Dior Lady D-Lite Bag

Consider the Lady D-Lite if you’re seeking a more casual version of the Lady Dior purse. It’s made of embroidered canvas (and, in some cases, velvet) rather than lambskin leather and first debuted in the brand’s Spring Summer 2020 collection. It’s available in various sizes and comes in basic black and various designs, including Dior’s constellation and Mizza leopard.

Christian Dior Saddle Bag

The Saddle Bag was first introduced in 2001, during John Galliano’s reign, and soon became one of the popular items of the early 2000s. The traditional style was pushed back into iconic status when Maria Grazia Chiuri revived it in 2018. This investment item is available in a variety of materials, colors, designs, and sizes, with a shape that resembles the side of a horse saddle and a stirrup-inspired signature D clip.

Christian Dior Book Tote Bag

The Dior Book Tote is the ultimate tote bag; it is basic yet stylish. Not only is the book tote bag ideal for travel, but it also works well in the city and on the beach. We have seen a lot of individuals carrying the Dior book tote bag in various sizes. The Dior book tote, like the LV Neverfull, has ample room and can carry a lot of stuff at once.

It is here to stay as the Christian Dior Book Tote price is somewhat lower than the other Dior handbags; it’s a terrific bag worth investing in. People often find the Christian Dior Mini-Tote bag quite fascinating. 

Christian Dior 30 Montaigne Box Bag

This bag is one of the latest variants that the company has manufactured. The structural design of this bag and the CD hardware that pops are the key reasons people love it. The shoulder strap is replaceable, and the bag’s straps are adjustable. The Dior 30 Montaigne Box bag appeals to us since it has a more structured look. The handbag’s shape will be maintained over time thanks to the tougher curved, structural bottom. 

Furthermore, several other popular variants such as the vanity case, DiorDouble bag, Bobby Bag, St Honore Tote, Caro Bag, and many more are totally worth the splurge. 

Top Christian Dior Bags To Buy

Christian Dior luxury handbags are known for enhancing a woman’s beauty. Instead of waltzing with a one-season wonder, why not complement your wardrobe with a fantastic choice of bags that will last? The following is a selection of the best luxury bags that the renowned French brand has to offer. You will find these fantastic products on the Baggage Claim Boutique website. So, let us discover more about them. 

Christian Dior Multi-Color Book Tote

The legendary Christian Dior book tote does not appear to be going away anytime soon. It’s difficult not to fall in love with the bag’s fabrics and color. It was first introduced by Maria Grazia Chiuri, a Creative Director; the Christian Dior bag has become a staple of the Dior aesthetic. 

This Book Tote Handbag is made to carry all of your everyday requirements and necessities easily. Its vibrant and color-blocked style, on the other hand, offers it a modern yet trendy look and feel. The Book ToteHandbag is totally embroidered with a multicolor and heathered-effect D-Stripes design, and it is fully wrapped in leather. It features the huge ‘Christian Dior’ signature on the front as a perfect illustration of Dior savoir-faire. It can be either carried by hand or shoulder and is priced at $200 on the Baggage Claim Boutique website. 


Christian Dior Lady D’Lite Millie Flyers

The elegance and beauty of Christian Dior are incorporated in the Lady D-lite Millie Flyers handbag. It is a stylish, feminine purse that is both classic and modern. Its superb detailing stands out right away with a fully embroidered Bois de Rose Cannage canvas and a ‘Christian Dior’ mark on the front. The signature ‘Dior’ is in rose gold. This variant comes with a large, fully embroidered, removable shoulder strap as well. Also, you can keep all your belongings quite easily. You can buy this handbag for just $140 from the website. 


Christian Dior Lady D lite Blue and White Canvas

If you found the Lady D-Lite handbag mentioned above quite fascinating, you would love to know that we’ve got you another variant. 

In the Lady D-Lite handbag, house modernity meets timeless charm. The style puts a fresh spin on the classic Toile de Jouy with a variant embroidered with the blue Dior Palms sign. A ‘Christian Dior’ signature appears on the front, and thick ‘D.I.O.R.’ charms in light gold-finish metal offer a graphic twist to the style.

The midsize Lady D-Lite handbag’s large, reversible, and removable embroidered shoulder strap can be carried by hand, draped over the shoulder, or worn crossbody.

You will also find large patch pockets to keep all your belongings. The Christian Dior bag is priced at $140. 


Christian Dior Book Tote

The final product we have is another multicolored Christian Dior Book Tote handbag. The handles are made of leather which makes the bag quite comfortable to hold. It has ample space to carry all your daily belongings, be it smartphones, books, or several other light items. Women have loved the handbag for years due to its sturdy frame and material. You can buy this fantastic handbag for a mere $200 from our website. 


You can also browse the finest handbags from the house of leading brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Dior, and many more. We have a wide range of products such as wallets, handbags, travel bags, belts, earrings, and hats that can be purchased to adorn your collection and wardrobe. 

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