Can Bucket Hats Be the Trend of 2021?

The one thing clear is that 2021 is officially the year of piling up more accessories. After being locked inside the homes for most of 2020, celebs and fashionistas are itching to store it on and go out, showing off every last thing they purchased while locked up at home. Hats have different levels of popularity among fashionistas, so the trend of the 2021 hat is all charming. And a little extra charm to your overall look.

Bucket hats began gaining popularity in 2019 and now faux fur, branded monograms, and leather hats are everywhere, but the question is, are they still the trend of 2021?

At the baggage claim boutique, we encourage you to carry what makes you feel confident and comfortable, regardless of what’s trendy. However, for people considering buying a bucket hat or who are just curious to learn more about the summer trends, we’re here to assist you. The bucket hats started getting famous in 2020. The bucket hats trend is still going on in 2021.

Nowadays, the 90s hats are typically found everywhere, from floral prints and gingham to rattan styles worn over the summers of 2021, which is responsible for making it the trend of 2021.

Once Rihanna was spotted carrying a 90s faux fur bucket hat with a slip dress, since then, the searches for the bucket hats have sky-rocketed. This winter, the furry style is ready to make a blast. If you still haven’t bought one, there’s still ample time to invest in buying one for you.

What is a bucket hat?

Bucket hats are so commonly called fisherman’s hats. This legendary accessory had decent beginnings in the late 1940s. By the 1990s, these iconic hats were back in the market with a genuinely glamorous style! When the western street styles started developing, bucket hats became an essential accessory for men’s wardrobes in the 90s, and commonly found black bucket hats. Inspired by the 90s, the latest bucket hats are unisex, as per the social acceptance of androgynous styles and gender fluidity in fashion. A laid-back statement style, bucket hats have become a summer essential with their broad, heavy-duty natural fabrics and downward-sloping brims and maintaining the trend of 2021. Bucket hats’ charm is never going to fade, and they are going to stay forever. 

Is the bucket hats trend still on in 2021?

Although bucket hats were in the category of the prime trend of 2021, they still managed to be popular among the fashionistas and the entertainment crowd.


When Rihanna was spotted wearing bucket hats a few times this year — the styles ranged from plain to fuzzy. Kourtney Kardashian and Hailey Bieber continued to be fans of this style too. If you also got sparked with the bucket hat style, you can match the trend of 2021 with a designer bucket hat.  

Are bucket hats going out of style?

If honestly speaking, then yes. Bucket hats are still in style. Bucket hats may not be in the category of the trend of 2021, but they continue to be a staple for casual appearances and streetwear for several. When it comes to what hats will stay on-trend this year, we predict that bucket hats’ comeback will rule the market. We also think their return will be accompanied by the comeback of trucker hats and cowboy hats.

Are bucket hats suitable to wear in winter?

There is a range of winter-friendly bucket hats at stores that you can check out. Faux fur and fleece are the material of choice for winter-friendly bucket hats. These materials will keep heads warm while giving you a cool casual look. Whereas, in summers, keep the sun rays out of your face with slushy hats in a choice of pretty prints. These stylish bucket hats will also help you to carry the trend of 2021.

Where to buy bucket hats

Since you have got to learn more about the trend of 2021, you must be craving to get one for yourself. In this case, you can come to our website baggage claim boutique, where you can find some more attractive and classic-looking bucket hats, and that too from top brands at affordable rates. Whatever style you carry, we have a bucket hat for you that can coordinate with your attire. Here are some of our favorites bucket hats women can try to go with the trend of 2021:

Gucci Bucket Hat

Baggage claim price of Gucci Bucket Hat: $50.00

Retail price of Gucci Bucket hat: $ 550

The Gucci bucket hat incorporates the timeless patterns from Gucci and the iconic beige color combination. It comes in tonal monogram canvas; textured leather corners accentuate the shape of this bucket hat which makes it more appealing. This Gucci hat has the style complemented with the Double G, which is an archival reprisal of the brand’s signature emblem. It features black leather trim and is designed from 68% polyester, 100% calfskin, 16% cotton, 16% polyamide. Its lining is 100% cotton, and its inner surface is 50% cotton 50% viscose. People also take an interest in buying a black Gucci hat. This Gucci bucket hat will give you the essence of the trend of 2021.


LV Monogram Bucket Hat

Price of LV Monogram Bucket Hat: $50.00

Retail Price of LV Monogram Bucket Hat: $690.00 

It is the bucket hat that has been taken directly from the label’s style Collection. The LV monogram bucket hat includes LV’s signature pattern in a dark brown hat. It is supple, comfortable, expensive, and lightweight. The LV bucket hat is perfect to wear in summer. It includes a cotton interior, but its exterior is designed from pure leather material. The LV Monogram Bucket Hat will help to keep you cool even on the hottest summer days. To match the trend of 2021, this tan bucket Hat has Louis Vuitton’s design, patterns, prints, tonal stitching. The bucket hats feature a curved narrow brim. Its widest eye-catcher is the big golden LV  emblem at the front that reflects the sunlight.


MCM Visetos Tan Bucket Hat

Head back to iconic hip-hop’s roots with this logo-laden, classy, clean, and stylish bucket hat. Chosen directly from the MCM collection, the MCM visetos tan bucket hat is an ever-green bucket hat that showcases the MCM’s signature Visetos pattern. It is super soft, luxurious, and slushy. These attributes make it perfect to wear accessories in summers or winters. It’s a forever-streetwear icon. MCM visetos tan hat bucket includes PVC, cotton lining, Spot cleaned and is imported. To cope up with this trend of 2021, the logo-coated canvas is there that keeps the temperature of your body low even on the hottest summer days. This bucket hat is light brown with Visetos-print; this MCM Visetos Tan Bucket Hat incorporates the logo print, tonal stitching, and a curved thin brim.


On the bottom line, we would like to introduce you to a baggage claim boutique, a store that provides branded accessories at affordable prices that will blow your mind. All your needs for accessories to match the trend of 2021 will be fulfilled here, with a variety of products that can perfectly match your personality and taste in fashion. We believe in delivering top products to our customers and making them feel more stylish by wearing the accessories from all the top brands. So, why delay? Please go check out our collections now.

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