Three Accessories You Never Knew Brands Sell

So, you’re looking for some new accessories? We hope that you will visit the mall or your all-time favorite boutique to try to grab a few truly trendy goodies. But here we would like to interrupt you with a good intention.

Would you like to buy some branded accessories? What about buying earrings, hats, keychains from top brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, MCM, and many more in the queue. Wait, what? Do these brands sell goodies like hats, earrings, and keychains too? Well, the straight answer is yes. They do.

Now, as you got shocked knowing these brands sell regular accessories, we want to hit you with another shock. You can buy these accessories at a significantly lower price range. All this is possible on our online store, Baggage Claim Boutique.  you can upgrade your living place or stock up on strange products that have stellar reviews, alongside getting some pretty handy and trendy bags, pieces of jewelry, and regular accessories. Dig in below to know why these accessories are so popular.



Similar to most forms of jewelry, the perfect pair of earrings can complete your look. No matter what type of vibe you’re going for, the right pair of earrings is enough to match your style. But if the earrings are from the most luxurious brands, nobody can compete with your look. Not merely will these branded earrings pull the attention of your peers, but they will surely make your outfit appear much more luxurious. To make your look simple yet classy, go for a simple pair of any branded LV earrings.

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Hats come under the things that attract the most attention in an outfit. You look at a women’s or men’s hat before you notice anything else and remember it for a longer time. Hats can become a frame for their faces. If a person has a well-tailored, decent suit with an LV monogram hat and pretty feet, they make a much better overall impression than people in a fancy, costly, up-to-the-minute suit if their hat is commonplace and their feet are ugly.”



When it comes to regular use accessories, the keychains are essential accessories that help you not miss your keys and keep everything fastened together. But, they look more remarkable when they feature a brand’s logo on them. The best part of the keychains is that they represent your style alongside organizing your essential keys.

Products that you can buy from us

We have a wide variety of women’s accessories (keychains, earrings, hats) at our online store, and all are from top brands. If you hunt for branded earrings, keychains, and hats, we can provide you with them. Buying from us can be a steal deal on branded earrings, hats, and keychains. We are enlisting some of the topmost luxurious accessories of our online store.

Gucci Stylish Designer Metallic Keychain

Price of Gucci Metallic Keychains: $35.00 each

Grab these Gucci Stylish Designer Metallic Keychains and tie all your keys and keep all of them handy and together. Gucci faux leather material is wrapped around Golden material, while the Gucci monogram dominates the keychains. Make use of these classic Gucci Metallic designer keychains to hang any key without any hassle. It features a holder with a simple lock mechanism that can be used to hang it anywhere with convenience.

Take a look at this trendy Gucci Metallic Keychain.


Chanel Silver Pearl Earrings

Price of Chanel Silver Pearl Earrings: $20.00

Get these aesthetic Silver Pearl earrings for women from the House of Chanel. They seem simple yet classy. Credit goes to those cute small stud earrings that perfectly completes the appearance. The Chanel Silver CC pearl earrings are classic and are absolute of your money’s worth. These authentic silver earrings include gold textured Chanel CC logos set with iconic tiny crystals. They are enhanced by a silver accented flower with five tinier pearls housed on top of each pair. Cherish these pretty and classic earrings with the timeless style of Chanel. You can also buy gold earrings from us.

Look at these beautiful Chanel CC earrings.


Gucci Bucket Hat

Price of Gucci Bucket Hat: $50.00

These Gucci Bucket Hats have the timeless and iconic beige color combination and the patterns from Gucci. They come in tonal monogram canvas; textured leather corners make the shape of this bucket hat more prominent. The style of this Gucci bucket hat is completed with the Double G, which is an archival reprisal of the House’s signature logo. This Gucci hat is presented with black leather trim designed from 68% polyester, 16% polyamide, 16% cotton, 100% calfskin. At the same time, its lining is purely made up of cotton, and its interior surface is 50% viscose 50% cotton. A Black Gucci hat is also available.

Here is a glimpse of a genuinely aesthetic Gucci Bucket Hat.


Before you get dressed and head out to the door, take a breath, sit down on your comfy couch, and visit us to enjoy a little online shopping. What may begin as simply browsing the online products is confirmed to turn into a full-blown shopping spree after seeing all the must-have accessories Baggage Claim Boutique offers. In more simple words, snag a few outstanding deals within budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, have a look at them and buy it at an affordable price!

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